Horror Movie (no drums)

Horror movie trailer is perfect for a sinister dramatic trailer, sci-fi and horror trailer, epic montage, a cinematic intro, horror and thriller TV se ...

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Blog Operations (ebook)

At one time, owning and operating your own blog was viewed somewhat as a status symbol. Today, however, if one has an online presence to generate an i ...

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Magnum Site Builder

This software was released in July 2018. Be among the first to use and market it!       ...

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Instant Quote (javascript)

Now you can easily add quotes of the day to your site! Readme included so you can write your very own quotes. Or use it for Tip of the day, Todays Spe ...

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Video Skins (graphics)

High quality, eye-catching video skins! Everyone knows how important videos are today in promoting products, providing information, you name it! Now ...

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